Hydrowood Stories
unique timber for unique projects

Designers and woodworkers love working with the fine relaxed timbers that only a long cold bath could produce. Hear their stories here and maybe find a bespoke piece for you home.

I’m inspired to use a range of Tasmanian and/or salvaged timbers, including Hydrowood varieties, for my woodturning.

Andrew "Macca" McCarthy
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“This is the first range for which I’ve worked with a product from the complete raw material through to finished product, so it was all about being as respectful as possible to the timber”

Tom Fereday
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“I had a moment when we were out on the lake in Tasmania, and I realised that it wasn’t just a shallow lake containing a few fallen trees. It was a body of water, over 70 metres deep, a fully submerged forest.”

Nathan Day
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“The features and colour of the Black Heart Sassafras Hydro Wood added an extra dimension to the design.”

Geoff Marshall
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“Working with the Hydrowood timbers has been a pleasurable and experimental experience.”

Andy Batson-Graham, 2015
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“Working with Hydrowood Blackheart Sassafras was like working with butter.”

Simon Ancher, 2015
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