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When you buy any variety of Hydrowood, you are buying a unique timber product with a character all of it own. Not only does Hydrowood offer you the unique opportunity to own some of Tasmania’s rarest and hard-to-source timber varieties, but it also represents the opportunity to own your own piece of Tasmanian history too.

Warm Workability
A favourite Tasmanian hardwood, Blackwood is a timber that is easily worked and favoured by all craftspeople.

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Celery Top Pine
Durable Beauty
Revered for its density, durability and fine grain. An uniquely Tasmanian timber with a wide range of applications.

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Stylish Strength
The workhorse of Tasmanian timbers reinvented by the cold, dark tannin stained waters of Lake Pieman.

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Western Beech
Refined Richness
Ideal for furniture, panelling and flooring, the rich colour and satin smooth grain of Western Beech is simply stunning.

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Huon Pine
Ageless Beauty
The king of Tasmanian timber. Revered globally for its buttery characteristics and workability. A true legend.

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dynamically bold
Tasmania’s most dynamic timber in terms of colour. Sassafras is normally golden in colour, but with bold black feature.

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